The sale of this signed MAGA hat is the very definition of irony

Sales of those red MAGA hats that appear at every Trump rally could probably keep him in oversized silk ties for the rest of his life, even if he wore a new one every day. One of Trump’s loyal fans was lucky enough to get the man himself to sign his hat, but that’s where his luck ran out, because …take a look.

If Trump hadn’t altered the healthcare programme set up by Barack Obama, in a hissy fit of obliterating his predecessor’s legacy, MAGA man could probably have kept his precious hat.

There was little sympathy for him in the comments when gyfboi posted the pic on Reddit.

Maybe he shouldn’t have made the bad decision to need knee surgery.


In the immortal words of right-wing talking head, AOC-stalker, and live-action chipmunk stand-in Ben Shapiro… “He should stop being poor.”


He knew what he signed up for when he was forced to be born.


He was asking for it by having knees.


morgan423 noticed something about the autograph.

That’s not a signature, that’s someone’s electrocardiogram three seconds before their heart explodes.

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Source: Reddit Image: Reddit, screengrab