Plot twist: Coleen Rooney might not be the ingenious detective we all thought

No matter what other news has been reported since Wednesday lunchtime, the only story on most people’s minds has been the Coleen Rooney-Rebekah Vardy drama, which saw Mrs Rooney accuse Mrs Vardy of selling Rooney secrets to The Sun. This is how she came to that conclusion.

Of course, there was a denial …

But the internet was far too fascinated by Coleen’s cunning ruse to unveil the leak to worry about whether she might be right, and a whole raft of jokes like these battered Twitter for hours.

But if the film rights are up for grabs, it looks like M. Night Shyamalan is a shoo-in, because this plot twist shows that somebody else was behind the ingenious plan.

Indeed, @dbuzz89 is clearly the real WAGatha Christie, although the name obviously doesn’t work nearly as well for him, sadly.

He swiftly achieved near-legendary status.

To ensure he received proper credit, Dave made a few adjustments to his Twitter account.

His header:

His avi:

His bio:

We don’t blame him one bit. Now, let’s get him onto tracking down the 10 Downing Street “source”.

Source: Twitter Image: Twitter, screengrab

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