A nail artist slapped a red-hot burn on the person begrudging her a life

Anybody who works with clients or customers will confirm that there are some who make the days seem longer and the work far harder, and there’s usually nothing to do but grin and bear it, for the sake of keeping the bosses happy. A post on Reddit’s r/choosingbeggars showed the beautiful moment a nail artist allowed herself the luxury of telling one of them exactly where to go.

It all started when the would-be client took exception to the woman taking time out to do some evening food shopping. Here’s how it panned out.

from Applause GIFs via Gfycat

If only someone could bottle how that must have felt.

We find ourselves in wholehearted agreement with ImBatmanNow, who said

“Every now and then we need a reminder that we can be doing more with the English language.”

Source: Reddit Image: Reddit, @krisatomic on Unsplash