An English LBC caller in Portugal voted Leave to end Freedom of Movement

We keep hearing that 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU to achieve more control of the borders, greater parliamentary sovereignty and the ability to trade with the rest of the world. It would be far more convincing if Brexiters weren’t happy to leave the UK-Republic of Ireland border unchecked, didn’t hate parliament having its say, and the UK didn’t already trade with the rest of the world under far more favourable conditions than it’s likely to get after Brexit.

There are also people like Mike in Portugal, who told James O’Brien that he wanted to leave the EU because *checks notes* MEPs have to work out of two offices and there’s too much freedom of movement.

When LBC tweeted the link, people could hardly believe what they were hearing.

One Twitter user, @LynneCampbell5, asked this question.

Some days, Lynne, it seems like he just might be.

Source: LBC Image: LBC, Botond Horvath via The Telegraph, Twitter screengrab