This atmospheric “night singing” video is seriously creeping people out

Artist and animator Matt Pierce has shared a very short clip of a night scene that …well, watch it for yourself.

Thanks for that, Matt; that’s not in any way going to haunt us the second we turn out the lights at night. People reacted exactly as you’d expect.

There’s always that one person who suckers you into watching it because you think it’s going to be a cool dolphin pod or something, and in this case, it was Count Badgula.

If you were feeling cheated at not getting a proper look at the night singer, here it is in all its glory.

And just in case you weren’t already creeped out to the max …Matt added this.

Cheers for that, Max. *Never sleeps again*.

Source: @hmnprsn Image: @hmnprsn, @alexgorn on Unsplash, Twitter