Dan Snow had the perfect response to Leave EU’s outrageous xenophobia

You’ll probably have seen by now the Leave EU message shared on its Twitter account yesterday, which there’s no need to repeat (but you can read 14 very appropriate responses here).

We only mention it again because historian Dan Snow went viral with this tweet which might be our favourite response of all.

Nicely done, @thehistoryguy.

And if, like us, your German isn’t quite as good as it might be, here it is again, via Google Translate.

‘To our German brothers and sisters: these extremists and fanatics do not speak for us. Whatever happens to Brexit, please know that you will remain friends, allies, colleagues, and partners for millions of us.’

And this chap joined in.

‘I am a proud Englishman, to be precise, I am a proud European Englishman. My future and that of millions of other Britons is being destroyed by little-known radicals.’

We also liked this (no need for Google Translate this time).


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