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An “entitled asshole” brother missed out on a free Apple watch out of sheer laziness

The sibling dynamic lasts a lifetime, but most people grow out of threatening to grass their brother or sister up to their mum at the age of about 17; not the guy in this Reddit post, however. Described by his 25-year-old brother, u/sarcasticah, as “the most entitled asshole I’ve ever met in my entire life”, this 23-year-old could have bartered himself an Apple watch, but blew it.

This is how.

sarcasticah added:

“I called my mom right away and told her about this and she just laughed and said he’s an idiot for not taking the deal.”

The post, shared on the r/choosingbeggars subreddit, has attracted well over 3000 comments in 14 hours, with these standing out from the crowd:

“Moving labor at $100/hr??
Yo is your brother hiring?”

“Yeah he sounds like typical spoiled younger sibling. I’m sorry for you, me and my brother always help each other out without calculating the price of the help, it’s ridiculous. Your offer was generous and he’s an idiot for not taking it.”

“Hey man, where you at? I’ll help you move some shit for an Apple Watch.”

“Have one of your brothers friends come help you move the stuff around and give them the watch.”

“Imagine being in your early twenties and saying “I’m telling mom!” out loud, without jest.”

Redditor NoCiabatta9 had this excellent suggestion.

“Can u please give him a $20 bill for Christmas and tell him to go buy an Apple Watch with it.”

We’d definitely watch the fly-on-the-wall doc of that.

Source: Reddit Image: Reddit, @danicanibano on Unsplash

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