This woman treated a waitress so badly that her boyfriend dumped her on the spot

There’s a rather fabulous subReddit called ‘Tales From Your Server’ in which restaurant staff share the pain (occasionally the joy, mostly the pain) of dealing with members of the public.

This story was exceptional because – thankfully – not all customers are as bad as this. But also because not every story has such a brilliant ending.

Over to Reddit user lustfulspiritanimal who had this to say.

Here’s exactly what people made of that.

‘I just cannot comprehend how some people think behaving like that is acceptable. How is it possible to be so self-centered? I want to simultaneously tilt my head in bewilderment and scream in frustration! Good on him for realizing that she was the problem and getting out of that relationship!’ ewiepooie337

‘Holy shit, this is awesome. I can’t believe she actually scribbled out the tip amounts. Forging legal documents is like, super illegal. Not that Angie would care if she knew anyway…’ teh_mexirican1106

And this, especially this.

‘This is the story that sounds unreal to everyone who doesn’t work in the service industry lol.’ BroeyimJoey54


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