Stupid Things To Do 101: climb into a lion enclosure

A woman climbed into the Bronx Zoo’s lion enclosure, did a little dance in plain sight of an actual lion – and didn’t get mauled. Watch Eyewitness News‘ footage.

Some YouTube users had these reactions:

“The lion is looking like wtf I must be getting old cause I Know I’m not seeing what I think I’m seeing 😂”

“Just when you start to think that humanity has reached the limits of its stupidity…”

Someone suggested the lion had been paying attention to the news.

“He was like nah I remember what happened to my homie Harambe”

Apparently, the answer is a lot more simple.

“She only did it because there is a moat between her and the lion which could’ve gotten hurt if it attempted to charge towards her. I’ve been there many many times and even from afar, those lions scare the hell out of me!”

Still not as simple as the dancing idiot, though.

Source: Eyewitness News ABC7NY Image: YouTube