This woman took delicious revenge on the Tinder date who fat-shamed her

To be filed under ‘too good to check’ comes this glorious tale of a woman who took perfect revenge on a Tinder date who fat-shamed her.

A woman called “donotfuckwfatty” shared the tale on Reddit and it’s a very satisfying read.

‘I seriously hope this story is true because it was awesome,’ said DrG-love on Reddit.

‘Me too, me too,’ added ugello.

‘It’s too good to be true, but then, even if it’s embellished, it makes for a good read and a “feel good” vibe. The sad part is that even if the story is completely invented, I’m still sure that there are people out there whose concept of fun is to torture other people the way this nice guy did.’

Revenge is a dish best served cold. But it’s even better when it’s served in their lap.


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