Boris Johnson’s divisive parliamentary language reached a new low – 11 outraged reactions

On his first day back in parliament after the Supreme Court judgement that rendered its prorogation void, it would have been reasonable to expect Boris Johnson to acknowledge his error, make an apology, and try to move forward. Lol, just kidding. Nobody expected him to do that, and they were right not to, because he doubled down on his dogmatic position, refused to apologise, said the Supreme Court justices were wrong, and used inflammatory language, like “betrayal”, “sabotage” and “surrender”.

When asked to tone down his language, this was his shocking response.

The close friend and successor of murdered MP Jo Cox, Tracy Brabin, also put the case for him to moderate his rhetoric, causing him to invoke Jo Cox’s name in a way a lot of people found offensive.

His attitude caused widespread and understandable outrage, with these reactions being typical of a much larger response.












This summary from The Secret Barrister was both damning and a fair assessment.

Ed Miliband had this to add.

Doesn’t chaos with Ed Miliband look like the holiday of a lifetime right now?

Source: Twitter Image: Sky News, Twitter, screengrab

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