Kay Burley had a zinger of an answer for the MP defending Boris Johnson’s honesty

As parliament returned from the prorogation that technically didn’t happen, journalists clamoured for politicians to interview, and Sky’s Kay Burley managed to get Tory Peter Bone to don a headset and record a piece outside Westminster. Loyal chap that he is, he took exception to the suggestion that Boris Johnson might be anything less than totally honest.

That’s right – we can call the prime minister a liar without fear of a lawsuit because he is a known, proven, bona fide liar. Here are a few of the things people said about Kay Burley’s argument stopper.

While we’re on the subject, let’s have another look at this wonderful moment when the soon-to-be-former Speaker, John Bercow, politely mocked Peter Bone in his inimitable style.

Source: Sky News via @Doozy_45 Image: Sky, Twitter screengrab