WebMD’s medical claims about pomegranate got them totally owned by a doctor

A varied and balanced diet is a good aim, and we don’t mean buying four different types of Oreos for after the pizza – other biscuits are available. The internet health advice account WebMD shared a tip for people looking to boost their immune systems in a natural way, and they threw in a little history lesson for free.

We’re not here to fact check claims about superfoods, and why would we, when there are people like cardiologist John P. Erwin III on hand with takedowns like this?

They’re going to need a little pomegranate for that burn – you know, to prevent infections.

Here are a couple of other reactions to WebMD’s pomegranate claims.

They’re probably not available on prescription anyway.

Source: WebMD Image: WebMD, Twitter screengrab

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