Turns out Lady Hale doesn’t just own a spider brooch – here are 9 of her very best

An unexpected consequence of today’s Supreme Court ruling was it got everyone talking about brooches.

Specifically, the magnificent spider brooch sported by Supreme Court president, Lady Hale.

And it turns out that’s not Lady Hale’s only brooch. Oh no, she’s got lots of them, and she chooses them very, very carefully.

Here are 9 of her very best.

1. The sunflowers


2. The butterfly


3. The spider (you’ll know this one)


4. The centipede


5. The fox


6. The dragonfly


7. The frog


8. The spider’s web


9. The beetle


We’re with this person.

And this person.


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Source @SarahJ_Berry, @chiefbrody1984, legalcheek

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