Greta Thunberg’s brutally honest speech to the UN is a tough but essential watch

Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old creator of the school strike movement for climate action, addressed the UN on Monday, and she didn’t pull a single punch. If you’re reading this with unnecessary lights on and the heating turned up, you might want to stop that before you listen to her words.

Her powerful statement split the internet, with many being shaken by its honesty, and the usual suspects suggesting she’s a puppet of people trying to spread a fake climate change message.

Here are some of the comments from both camps. First, the sceptics.

By far the majority of reactions were on Greta’s side of the climate change debate, as are almost all relevant scientists.

Writer Ed Solomon had no time for the naysayers.

Source: Greta Thunberg Image: Greta Thunberg, Twitter, screengrabs

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