We just weren’t ready to hear about Shia LaBeouf naked-wrestling Tom hardy

If you haven’t seen an episode of Hot Ones, the concept might surprise you – it’s an interview show in which celebrities eat insanely hot chicken wings while they talk about themselves.

Obviously. The latest victim guest is actor Shia LaBeouf, star of the Transformers franchise, Holes, Disturbia and much more.

One particular story about him and British actor Tom Hardy required clearing up, and this is what Shia had to say.

We’re glad that’s just animation, rather than live-action shots, but we still may never get rid of the mental images or the unanswered questions, chiefly “Why would Tom Hardy do that in the first place?”

We’re not the only ones a little weirded out.

The story had a very different effect on some people.

They need to track down whoever Peanut is.

Inevitably, this happened –

If you want to see the full, gloriously strange, episode of Hot Ones, you can do that here.

Source: @ryansatin Image: YouTube, YouTube, Twitter screengrab