This 1-star review of David Cameron’s book is a 5-star read

We haven’t read David Cameron’s book and we haven’t really read any reviews either because, well, it’s David Cameron’s book, isn’t it?

Except this is one review definitely worth reading, a 1-star take left on Amazon that is a 5-star read (and it’s a lot shorter than Cameron’s book).

‘Started off like any other day…..reading on the train on way to work. However I got the feeling I was being watched. Looked up from this bloody marvelous work of fiction and true enough 85% of the carriage were glaring at me and shaking their heads. I mean I’m only half way through and this young fella ain’t even joined a rock band yet. He’s done the drugs, had a few romantic liasons with the four legged kind, Hes obviously some boy mind as he seems to have screwed the whole of the UK. Don’t think il finish it tho which is a shame as I think he must go to sea as people keep shouting “anchor” at me whilst I’m reading it.’

Someone get this guy on Late Review!

It’s just a shame that the Amazon page has been spoiled by such obviously fake reviews as this one.

‘Best PM in the last 20 years. Read the book in one sitting this morning on the way to work and loved it. Felt inspired to have a good day and i’ve been purring with delight telling my work colleagues all about it.’

Yeah, right.


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