This Brexiteer with diabetes said he’d rather leave the EU than have his insulin – only 4 responses you need

The passion with which some Brexiteers want to leave the European Union reached new highs – or depths, depending on your point of view – with this chap interviewed by the BBC on the street of Birmingham.

He’s got diabetes but he still wants to leave the EU, even if it means he can’t get his insulin anymore (presumably in the event of a no deal).

Here’s the clip, shared online by @JimMFelton.

‘I’m a diabetic. I rely on insulin, but I still want to leave.’

[If the insulin doesn’t arrive, for you as a diabetic, you think that’s a price worth paying?]

‘Yeah I do. Because we voted to leave. We didn’t vote for a deal. We didn’t vote for anything, we voted to leave Europe, right? And that’s all we want, right? We’re either a democracy, or we’re not.’

And here are the only 4 responses you need.


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Source @JimMFelton H/T Indy100