15 astonished reactions to Laura Kuenssberg’s updates on the concerned NHS dad

We can’t believe there’s anybody left who hasn’t seen the heated confrontation of Boris Johnson by worried father, Omar Salem on Wednesday. His accurate description of the running down of the NHS, as well as the prime minister’s startling denial of the presence of press – in the presence of press – dominated social media for hours afterwards.

However, the only thing that can genuinely have been said to overtake the interest in the clip of the incident is the reaction of many across the media, most noticeably the BBC’s political correspondent, Laura Kuenssberg. Here’s what she had to say about it.

Followed up by the very oddly phrased …

As well as questioning the relevance of the man’s political allegiance, many felt that with over a million followers, the tweet could well direct trolls to his much smaller account. Here’s some of the backlash.