This cat’s tail has a life of its own and it’s a painfully unexpected payoff

How much does this cat’s tail have a life of its own? This much.

That tail has a life of his own from r/funny


‘That tail has a life of his own,’ said Gianni3345 who shared it on Reddit.

‘I’ve seen my cat hit himself in the face with his tail too. I don’t think they actually have that much conscious control over their tail movements. They just automatically start doing stuff depending on whatever mood their in. Same with dogs,’ reckoned karmahorse1.

Another Redditor scullington6 said: ‘Why is this the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.’

And we liked Took-the-Blue-Pill’s very literal reply. ‘Cuz the cat clocked itself with its own tail and then ran away, disturbed that it was hit in the face.’


This kitten really wants to scare its owner and it’s very funny and totally adorable