This 9-year-old’s sneaky cheese hack is inspirational – the only 5 reactions you need to read

Apparently, some ill-behaved children sometimes bring sweets into class and sneakily eat them while the teacher isn’t looking, but we’d obviously never do anything like that, so we’re relying on hearsay.

via Gfycat

Anyhoo …one 9-year-old girl has taken the clandestine school snack to a whole new level, as her reporter mum, Valerie Schremp Hahn, explained.

The child’s clearly a genius. Her highly original hack has attracted a lot of attention, with tweeters making impressed comments like these:






Perhaps best of all, her school approves.

If she sells her idea to Kraft, she can pay her own way through college.

Source: @valeriehahn Image: Twitter screengrab, @neonbrand on Unsplash