Brian Cox giving a Shakespearean masterclass to a 30-month-old will make your day

Scottish actor, Brian Cox has racked up a long and distinguished career on the stage and screens of varying sizes, so he knows his way around a soliloquy, which is why he’d be the ideal person to pass on that knowledge. A video from 2009 has cropped up again, in which he coaches Theo, the 30-month-old son of some friends, in one of the greatest soliloquies of all – Hamlet’s “To be or not to be” speech.

We particularly love his little confirmation that “yes” – that is the question. The glorious impromptu Suzuki session has been delighting people across Twitter.

As a special treat, here’s Theo’s next lesson – this time reciting a tongue twister.

Source: @afterglow2046, hopscotchboss on YouTube Image: Twitter, YouTube