This man’s appeal to “Big Tech” didn’t go how he hoped – but the rest of us love it

There’s been a lot of work done to try and clamp down on the very serious problem of cyberbullying, but it’s important to appeal to the right quarter, or your efforts will be in vain, as the very funny Sir Michael – @Michael1979 to his Twitter followers – discovered in this hilarious exchange.

This was his disappointed conclusion.

We’ll show you the letters with the reply first, as he did.

And here’s a closer look.

We can’t imagine why anybody would describe Karate yellow belt and moral arbiter of his local Catholic church, Sir Michael “Dork Boy”.

via Gfycat

Anyway …here’s how Sir Michael has been responding to comments on the matter.

This prediction might be a consolation for him:

We’ll cross everything for him.

Source: @Michael1979 Images: Twitter, screengrab

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