In the field of terrible sex scenes written by men about women, this is surely the worst (NSFW)

There’s a Twitter feed called ‘Men write Women’ which features ‘Vagina purses & other terrible descriptions of women by men’.

Jolly good it is too with terrific (terrible) example like these.

And now there’s a new entry and this one is surely the worst (best) of all.

And just in case that’s tricky to read.

‘Standing in the middle of the bedroom, we take off each other’s clothes.

‘He has a light, fumbling brutality, which several times makes me think that this time it’ll cost me my sanity. In our drawing, mutual intimacy, I induce him to open the little slit in the head of his penis so I can put my clitoris inside and fuck him.’

Answers on a postcard.

And just in case you were still in any doubt.


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