Ringo Starr’s Brexit take cropped up again and split the internet

Everybody over a certain age knows who Ringo Starr is, as well as quite a few under that age, but the former Beatle isn’t exactly well known for his insight and political acumen. In spite of that, here he is giving Newsnight his thoughts on Brexit back in 2017.

Some Leave supporters, like this chap, were very much on board with Ringo’s message.

But it really didn’t endear him to the Remain-leaning part of Twitter, as you’d expect.

Comedian, musician and Liverpudlian, Mitch Benn, felt Ringo fitted the demographic.

Whilst his fellow comedian, Shappi Khorsandi, came to the drummer’s defence, but not in a Brexity way.

Finally, Andrew O’Neill, who is …yes, you’ve guessed it – a comedian, parodied an old fake quote about Ringo Starr’s talents – you know the one.

Whatever else he’s done or said, we’ll always have Thomas.

via Gfycat

Source: Newsnight, Twitter, Images: Newsnight, YouTube