A maid of honour dressed as a T-rex for her sister’s wedding – and got away with it

One bride has been the most sporting person in the history of weddings, the anti-bridezilla, if you will, when she gave her maid of honour carte blanche to select her own outfit. That maid of honour, who happens to be the bride’s sister, took her very much at her word.

Here are the pictures to prove it.

Christina A. Meador’s inflatable T-rex outfit was certainly an eye-catcher, but at least it didn’t clash with sister Deanna Adams’ more traditional bridal gown, so there’s that. It also provided quite the talking point, both on the day, and then again, when Christina posted one of the photos to Facebook.

These are a few of the reactions she received.

We hope we get to see what Deanna wears if Christina ever gets hitched.

Source: Facebook, H/T: someecards.com Images: Instagram, @shkazemi on Unsplash