The Irish PM said he’d be Boris Johnson’s ‘Athena’ and it’s the subtlest, most savage burn you’ll hear this week

There was no shortage of things to enjoy about Boris Johnson’s visit to see Irish PM Leo Varadkar in Dublin on Monday.

There was the fact Varadkar totally schooled his British counterpart on all things Brexit. There was the weird fidgeting that Johnson got up to while he waited for his turn to speak.

But best of all was this most subtle and most savage of burns which might have passed some of us by. The bit when he said this.

“Negotiating FTAs [free trade agreements] with the EU and US and securing their ratification in less than three years is going to be a herculean task for you. We want to be your friend and ally, your Athena, in doing so.”

And just in case, like us, you didn’t immediately know who Athena was or what the Irish PM was alluding to, help was at hand.

To conclude …


Boris Johnson was just totally owned by Irish PM Leo Varadkar and it’s a brutal watch