An argument about a fridge and a ham gave everyone chills

Comedian Will Hall altered his travel plans when an intriguing argument started up on the train. This is the substance of it.

There’s a vaguely seventeenth-century vibe about keeping ham in the garden, and it raises questions, such as “What about foxes and cats?”, “Will it attract wasps?” and “What if there’s another heatwave?”

Some people were #TeamHam.

Others were clearly #TeamFridge.

There was another very important question …

And it seemed the debate might have wider implications for the English language.

But really, all anybody wanted to know was whether #TeamHam or #TeamFridge came out on top.

Luckily, Will had the answer.

That’s what you call “breaking out the big guns.”


Source: Will Hall on Twitter, Images: @Squared_one on Unsplash, @sorel_67 on Unsplash