A journalist claimed people would attack the PM for eating a sandwich and the irony was off the scale

You may have noticed that all has not been sunlit uplands for Boris Johnson recently, but it looks to most people as though his misery is of his own making. But that’s not how it seems to freelance journalist, Charlotte Gill, who leapt to her fearless leader’s defence with this post.

She either has a short memory or has been living in a cave since 2014, when this picture of the then Labour leader, Ed Miliband, was published by the Evening Standard.

The photo led to widespread ridicule across the media, both traditional and social, in particular by The Sun, and may have contributed to Labour losing the 2015 general election.

One person who definitely remembered all that was The Secret Barrister, who replied with this beautiful bit of sarcasm.

Charlotte Gill came back with what she saw as fresh evidence of this so-called “hounding” of Boris Johnson.

Unfortunately for her, The Secret Barrister was ready to smash that one for a six …

In fact, the tweet was widely ridiculed, and here are some of the other standout takedowns.

Someone named @SatanMcBastard provided a list of reasons why criticisms of Johnson might be justified.

Source: Twitter, Images: BBC screengrab, Wikipedia, (Photo by Jeremy Selwyn, Fair use), Twitter screengrab

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