This mansplainer was brutally owned and his attempt at a comeback makes it even better

Still one of the great mansplaining moments of all time is this exchange with a mansplainer who didn’t know quite so much about Tolstoy or the Communist revolution as he first thought.

It was shared on Twitter by historian Katrina Gulliver and it’s an epic encounter (and a lot shorter than War and Peace), beginning when a Twitter user called Marchella said this about the ‘follies of Communism’.

And it didn’t end there.

‘Russian history is not my forte. I will stick to the British/Roman/Greek history section of my personal library numbering 500+ books. Cheers.’

Just let it go, man! Although the ‘Righteous Pumpkin’ guy appears to have since realised his mistake and deleted his account.

Here are our favourite 7 things people were saying about it.


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