A local news reporter lived on an emergency food parcel for 3 days and people had issues, lots of issues

Well, it’s one way of highlighting the chronic food shortage faced by many people in the UK today. Except, for most people, it was entirely the wrong one.

An Essex Live reporter ‘took on the challenge’ of living off an emergency food parcel for three days to see how difficult it is.

And this is what people made of that, beginning with Jack Monroe.


The ‘fair food challenge’ was organised by the Colchester Food Bank. And the reporter’s conclusion?

‘While I felt peckish at times, I was never overly hungry. My meal portions were perfectly big enough and I had plenty of food to fall back on if I needed it.

‘But one thing the challenge really made me aware of is how much I snack … And while the food bank can’t provide fresh fruit or vegetables, there are tinned alternatives that ensure you don’t miss out on important vitamins and nutrients.

But it taught me that as long as you’re sensible, you can make most food go a long way.’