Angry bride-to-be complains about her maid of honour getting engaged and it’s an all-time classic of its type

If we ever did a league table of bridezillas – let’s hope we never do a league table of bridezillas – this would be close to the top.

It’s a bride-to-be who took to Mumsnet – of course she did – to share her feelings after her maid of honour got engaged before the big day.

Feelings of joy and happiness for her best buddy? Er, perhaps not.

Here’s what the mumsnetter, called FireHzard, had to say.

She asked her fellow mumsnetters whether she was being unreasonable and the answer was unanimous.

‘Am I being a horrible bridezilla type? Yup! Enjoy the build up to your wedding! No reason she can’t get excited about hers at the same time and you can share each other’s excitement and experience.’ Sirzy

‘Your wedding is very important to you. Her engagement is very important to her. There’s no top trumps. One doesn’t outdo the other.’ HarshingMyMellow

‘I didn’t even read past the first paragraph…my god you are being very very unreasonable. Complete bridezilla. I hope you at least congratulated your friend. It sounds like she’s not even truly a friend op because if she was you’d have been genuinely delighted for her. Get over yourself.’ Badwifey

‘It’s interesting that in talking about your big day and what you deserve and blah blah blah you never once mention your husband to be. Comes across as very shallow like you just want your big day and the groom is just a co-star.’ LeighaJ


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