This woman sent a picture of her new home to her mum and immediately regretted it

A salutary lesson to us all here, shared by GallowBoob on Reddit, to always triple check the pictures you send to your parents. Especially if it’s a picture of your bedroom.

Ouch. Here are just a few of the comments it prompted after going wildly viral on Reddit.

‘Now mom knows her child is a secret agent that uses the new house for interrogating suspects. Oh, the shame.’ JSBraga

‘Say your bed is under a rest.’ Roktyv

‘You fool it was under cover!’ numb_legs

And it reminded us of this tale – similar but different – when the boot was very much on the other foot, shared by Sophie Eke on Twitter.

You’ll have to zoom in for the full effect though (and no, we’re not going to do it for you).

All time classic.


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