A clip of Sikh men dancing has gone viral because it’s completely joyous

If your idea of dancing is a shuffling of the feet and a half-hearted wave of the arms, you’re about to see how it should really be done, with this amazing clip shared on Twitter by @hsingh29_.

Harjot’s video has been retweeted nearly 29,000 times and liked almost 100,000 times, and that’s not all – others have shared the joyous sight, including restaurateur and influencer, Harjinder Singh Kukreja.

Between these and other tweets, the fantastic dancing entrance from the engagement of a couple named Simer and Simmi has been viewed more than five million times, and people absolutely love the style and flare on display.

Writer Declan Cashin imagined a scenario that might persuade him to be more Sikh.

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