You won’t believe why this Vegan had beef with a meat-eater

We could understand a Vegan having a problem with a meat-eater eating meat – after all, it’s a vegan belief that meat is murder (thanks for that, Morrissey). We can also get on board with a Vegan complaining that a vegetarian eats cheese, because of how they see the dairy industry. But, these texts, shared on Reddit, tell a tale we’re struggling to get our heads around.

When someone reposted Arachnica‘s screenshots to the r/Gatekeeping subreddit, comments came flooding in about the odd reaction.

Someone called Zintoss planted their tongue firmly in their cheek and wrote this majestic rant – or threat.

“OP is absolutely in the wrong and the vegan in this post is 100% correct for giving him the shit he deserves. Tofu is only for us Vegans and vegetarians, people like OP are absolute scumbags that get in the way making our plan, Tofuopia, a reality.

We’re going to gather all the Tofu to build our own great nation, our buildings will be made of tofu, our walls and borders will be made of Tofu. In Tofuopia none of you ridiculous meat eaters or half ass ‘texture of most meats’ dislikers will be allowed.

Our rivers will flow with milk(Almond Obviously) and sustainably farmed honey. We of Tofuopia will rise to claim this planet as our own, you filthy carnivores will bow down before the might of our celery sticks and eggplant bombs.

Beware of the great coming of Tofuopia, if you hand over all of the Tofu now this may still end peacefully… You have been warned…”

Source: Reddit H/T: Bored Panda Image: Reddit screengrab,

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