Is there any sight more satisfying than the Viennetta production line?

When people talk about design classics, they reference the Mini, the Stratocaster, the Arne Jacobsen Egg Chair …they might even include Mr Potato Head in the list, but they always make one glaring omission – the Viennetta.

There’s something close to perfection in the formation of layers of smooth and ruffled ice-cream with chocolate that explains why it remains a firm favourite – as long as you keep it in the freezer, otherwise it’s a floppy favourite.

An old video of the Viennetta production line at the Wall’s factory has started doing the rounds again, and the process is both compelling and satisfying, much like the dessert itself. Australian reporter, Andy Park nailed it with his tweet.

Judging by the reactions, the clip must have had people drooling onto their screens.

People couldn’t stop talking about the bin of rejects.

Almost inevitably, one tweeter said this.


Source: Andy Park Image: Screengrab

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Just a lovely optical illusion and a very satisfying watch once you work it out