This woman had the perfect riposte for her boyfriend who said she spent too long getting ready

Another gem from the subreddit ‘Am I The Asshole’ in which people share a dilemma and ask, you guessed it, whether they’re the asshole (or arsehole, if you prefer).

This guy’s situation arose after he joked about his girlfriend taking too long in the bathroom before going for a night out.

And her response, we’re sure you’ll agree, was 10/10.

Here’s what the woman in question had to say.

And a final word from the pair of them.

And there was no question whose side people came down on.

‘You’re the asshole. Pay the beast.’ BrandiLovesAnt

‘YTA boyfriend, obviously. “Oh but she’s not my sugar baby!” So you want to be able to dictate how she looks, but you also think she should incur the cost as well as the time (and discomfort) of living up to that? Honestly, 50% of the cost is a bargain.
“Oh but she’d do it if she were single”. Would she though.

‘Tell you what. Why don’t you two add up all your grooming expenses. Your hair and shaving products, her hair and shaving products and leg waxes and straighteners and makeup and hair products and mani/pedis. Call them joint expenses, split them 50:50.’ anarmchairexpert

And our favourite …

‘You gotta pay the troll toll!’ changefromwithin


This guy’s best friend talking about him in front of his girlfriend is next-level awkward

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