Probably the most relatable – and sweary – robot vacuum cleaner you’ll see this week

Be warned – the robots are coming – especially the sex robots …pun intended. More parts of our lives are being taken over by automated things, with self-checkout tills at the supermarket, self-driving cars actually in use, and the handy little Roomba keeping people’s floors clean and tidy.

Since a Roomba – an automated vacuum cleaner – works by rebounding off things to ensure it cleans everywhere, YouTuber, Michael Reeves, who is something of a science and tech wizard, was hounded by his fans who wanted something very specific …one that screams and swears when it bangs into something, like people do.

It’s a longish watch at ten minutes, but totally worth it.

If you’re pushed for time, this version starts three minutes in and cuts out all the set-up.

Who wouldn’t want a robot vacuum cleaner that yells “C*CKSUCKER! if it bangs into a chair?

Here are some of the comments people have been making about the, sadly unavailable, product.

YouTube user, Jacob Stringham, spoke this undeniable truth – well, he typed it.

13,000 upvotes! Looks like Michael might have his retirement plan.

Source: YouTube Image: YouTube screengrab