A comment about the right way to make tea caused exactly the mayhem you’d expect

If you think people get overheated when they tweet about Brexit, you should try testing them on how to put jam and cream on a scone, which way to hang the toilet roll, or whether a Jaffa Cake is a biscuit. Of course, an equally divisive issue is what constitutes the perfect cup of tea. Writer Joel Golby put the cat among the pigeons with this strong opinion.

He even doubled down.

His remark sparked a wave of tea drinkers spouting volumes about why he was wrong, and others leaping to his defence. These tweeters must have let their opinions steep, because they’re pretty strong.









Writer Mara Wilson had a different tea-related issue.

And Twitter user, Cae, had a very strong opinion, but not one of the ones you might have expected.

Ultimately, it didn’t matter how any of them wanted to make their tea, because this was what Joel thought of their responses.

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