Watch how a YouTuber convinced Made in Chelsea stars that gravel was Moon rock

With the 50th anniversary of man’s first walk on the Moon having recently happened, there’s been something of an obsession with all lunar topics, from how astronauts poo (with great caution) to what happened on every day of the round-trip. YouTuber Josh Pieters tapped into that hysteria with a stellar prank he played on a number of the cast of Made in Chelsea, plus fellow YouTuber, Jack Maynard.

This is the clip notes version of what happened.

Not pieces of the moon, but common or garden gravel – mostly garden. To give credit where it’s due, Josh packaged the gravel so convincingly, complete with a note for each celebrity “from” the National Space Centre, they can kind of be forgiven for falling for it. It’s not like they believe the NHS will get £350m extra funding each week because of Brexit.

Emma Walsh added an update. She replied to Josh’s Instagram post with this comment.

“Hahaha the space centre actually messaged me worried 😂”

We need more information. Were they worried that someone had stolen Moon rock or that they’d sent pieces of it out during a drunken weekend before forgetting all about it? Although the group had posted their special gifts to their Instagram stories, they all seem to have deleted them for some reason. Can’t think why. When Josh posted the short clip to Twitter, a few people chipped in.

Well known purveyors of gravel, B&Q, got in on the act.

Other retailers are available.

The full video is ten minutes, but well worth watching, and you can find it here.

Footage and screenshots courtesy of Josh Pieters

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