“Richard Madeley literally doesn’t know what Brexit is.” – the only 7 reactions you need to read

There’s something fascinating about Richard Madeley. Perhaps it’s the complete lack of self awareness, or the dogged determination to stick with a mid-90s barber-shop poster hairstyle; it may be the fact that he has no shame, but we suspect it’s because he is the nearest thing to a living, breathing Alan Partridge we’re ever likely to see.

We can certainly imagine Alan Partridge being immovably convinced that the customs union is the same thing as the EU, which is what it seems Richard Madeley believes.

Perhaps he felt that standing in for Piers Morgan meant a contractual obligation to say something incredibly stupid, but it was probably just instinct.

Here’s how people have reacted to his debate with Femi Oluwole.








Twitter user, @Johnboy_Cook absolutely nailed the situation.

Footage and screenshots courtesy of Good Morning Britain.

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