It’s four years since we first saw the funniest photo caption we’ll ever see

Back in August 2015, neuroscientist and writer, Dean Burnett wrote one of his excellent pieces for the Guardian on the candidates in the Labour leadership election, and we all know how that turned out. Whilst we highly recommend you read the whole article, and whatever else Dean writes, the caption for one of the photos was simply the funniest example of the genre we – or you – will ever see.

It’s a little pale, so here it is in a more legible form.

“Do you know how long I’ve spent in the Guardian’s image archives to find a picture of a bog standard cake? Bloody ages! Thousands of images and not one thing that you’d recognise as a normal cake. This weird ice cream thing is the best I could do.

Everything else has a sodding fried egg or a bunch of parsley obscuring it, or has been arranged to resemble a Picasso painting or a sculpture reflecting the futility of existence. When did this place become riddled with hipsters? God, I’m so tired…”

Dean’s fellow writer, Michael Moran spotted the anniversary and tweeted this:

We completely agree, and here’s Dean’s recollection of the day.

Definitely worth it – especially for those of us who get to enjoy it without the b*llocking.

Source: Dean Burnett for the Guardian

H/T: @TheMichaelMoran

Cake photo: Brian Hagiwara/Getty Images