This deep fake of Bill Hader “becoming” Tom Cruise is freaking people out

Deep fakes are videos that have been digitally manipulated to show something that didn’t happen, or something that did happen being done by someone who didn’t do it. In the past, they’ve been of dubious quality, with the manipulation tending to be fairly obvious, but they are becoming so much more convincing that it’s actually a little scary.

Watch what happens to Saturday Night Live performer, Bill Hader, when he mimics the voices of Tom Cruise and Seth Rogen.

Journalist and legal expert, Gavin Sheridan shared the clip, by Ctrl Shift Face, as well as his concerns.

Gavin wasn’t the only one deeply troubled by the technology.

Magazine editor, @jamesbutteryQP said what a lot of people were definitely thinking.

The only silver lining is that we may find out Trump’s whole election was a deep fake.

Source: ctrl shift face on YouTube

H/T: Gavin Sheridan

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