You won’t believe this devilish conspiracy theory about Monster energy drinks

We could all point to a lot of examples of Americans believing outlandish stuff, such as “We’re going to make Mexico pay for the wall.”, or “Hillary Clinton ran a paedophile ring out of the back of a pizza parlour.” Yes, that’s a thing they fell for, and from the same source as the wall bullsh_t, but at least, one mind-numbingly stupid theory seems to have its origins outside the White House,and it’s quite the spectacle.

Strap yourself in.

from Lol GIFs via Gfycat

“This is how clever Satan is and how he gets into a Christians home…and it breaks God’s heart.”

You what, mate? Hang on – is this someone’s Edinburgh Fringe show? The clip of anti-gay, anti-Muslim, Christian activist and author, Christine Weick, shared by writer Yashar Ali from an earlier post by @ruky_9, has been bouncing around since 2014, and caused Snopes to investigate – and debunk – the 666 claim.

People could hardly believe what they were seeing.

One account with a dog in the fight was more amused than alarmed.

Christine Teigen saw another kind of Hell in the video.


H/T: Yashar Ali

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