These new vegan “pork” scratchings have been getting a bit of beef

A report by the UN has gently suggested people move towards a more plant-heavy diet to combat climate change, but it stopped well short of screaming “Go vegan or the polar bear gets it!” In spite of advice like that, and evidence of the benefits to health, veganism has a bad rep. The stereotype of the vegan announcing their status the instant they meet (not meat) anyone prevails, and heaven forbid there should be a vegan alternative to meat widely available.

A company simply named Vegan Pig has come up with a new product that’s getting people’s goat – vegan pork scratchings. If you have a Piers Morgan-level irrational hatred of vegan stuff, firstly, why are you even reading this, and secondly, look away now.

According to their Kickstarter page,

“Somehow we’ve captured the taste of the beast. The crunch of the beast. And even that weird little soft bit (of the beast).”

We’re not sure we want to know about pigs’ soft bits, thanks very much, but it takes all sorts. This is how they look all packaged up …

Some people were instantly sold on the idea.

But there were other less complimentary comments, and they went a lot like these nine:





They didn’t fare much better on Facebook.



Vegan Pig’s founders, Josh Pearce and Sean Johnson, shared a few screenshots of their “fan mail”.



There was even a potential advertising slogan amongst the comments.


Eat your heart out, Don Draper. But this was their personal favourite.

Has a nice ring to it. If only there were some way for people to, you know, not eat them if they didn’t want to. Or as one Facebook user put it,

Source: Vegan Pig