This guy had the best response to a woman who said his Tinder profile was ‘lame’

We have to confess we’ve never been on Tinder – back in our day it was all about speed dating (remember that?) – but we really do admire the ingenious ways people come up with to try to capture people’s attention.

Like this 22-year-old chap called Rizal Sadeli who lovingly put together this Powerpoint presentation to extol his virtues and very creative it was too.

Except this woman (in a now deleted tweet) wasn’t impressed by that. She wasn’t impressed at all.

And here’s how Rizal replied.

And it went wildly, wildly viral, a response which was either devastatingly honest or perfectly primed to get Twitter on his side. Either way, it worked!

Here are just a few of the things people had to say.

UPDATE: He’s now married with several kids.


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