The unexpected comeback for this guy doing a stranger a favour is a lesson for us all

Here’s a very funny exchange shared on Reddit, a chap who thought he’d do the decent thing by helping out a stranger in need (which is always, well, nearly always, a very good thing).

Except in this case the payoff was not exactly what he was expecting. Disappointing for him, very funny for the rest of us.

Here’s how Redditor natuutan introduced it.

‘My friend ran into one in the wild!’

Only one question remained.

‘So…. did he pay for the cigarettes too?’ MichmasteR

Pretty sure we’d react exactly like this person.

‘I feel like if I were ever in this situation I would end up paying for them out of pure shock, and then be mad at myself for the next decade for getting played like that 😂’ atget


This Scottish way of dealing with a ‘choosing beggar’ is very satisfying indeed


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