Daniel Radcliffe’s alphabetical prank call is cringingly awkward – but quite impressive

The more we see of Daniel Radcliffe, the more we love him. He’s a part of the fabric of our lives as the image we see when we hear the name “Harry Potter”, but he’s also a talented and versatile actor, a pretty decent amateur rapper and very game for a laugh. We’re not sure we’ll get over seeing him spit water everywhere playing Innuendo Bingo, and now we have this challenge to enjoy.

Watch as Daniel tries to carry out Radio 1’s prank-call challenge with an unsuspecting toy-shop employee on the other end of the line. Hats off to him.

It wasn’t his improvisational skills that let him down, but his manners, thus depriving us of the chance to see what he would have made of the letter X. Does Playmobil do an X-ray department?

To make up for that fail, watch how he handled the alphabet in this clip.

Source: Radio 1

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