A comedian’s biting satire nails the reasoning behind Trump’s video games rant

America’s gun problem continues to grow, as the National Rifle Association exerts its crushing influence on a large proportion of the political community, particularly in the Republican camp. After last weekend’s two brutal mass shootings, Donald Trump scrabbled around for anything to blame other than lax gun laws and his own incendiary rhetoric, and he came up with …poor mental health and video games.

His cronies and lackeys jumped on the “blame video games” bandwagon, but as Glenn Kirschner and many others pointed out, there was a serious flaw in his logic.

Comedy video maker, Stewart Reynolds – known as Brittlestar – cut right through Trump’s bluster, and produced this beautiful piece of satire.

“Just knowing it’s not our fault, though, feels pretty good.”

Here are some of our favourite reactions to the fantastic sketch.

Twitter user, @iMattClarke, was particularly interested in Stewart’s co-star.

Prompting this response.

Wise words, indeed.

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