60 very funny jokes by 60 essential people to follow

There can’t be many people who don’t want a healthy injection of comedy into their Twitter timeline, so we’ve gathered some of the funniest accounts into one handy list.

We can’t force you to follow them, because we’re not the boss of you, but we can guarantee every one of these funny people will brighten your virtual life, if you give them a chance.

But first some important news – The Poke is now on Instagram.

….and now on with the show.

In no particular order …

1. Bob Mortimer

2. Joe Heenan

3. Bethany Black

4. Mollie Goodfellow

5. Moose Allain

6. Joe

7. Sarah Dempster

8. Holly Brockwell

9. Nick Harvey

10. Nick Pettigrew

11. Kathy Burke

12. Kashana

13. Carly Danger

14. Happy Toast

15. Michael Spicer

16. Bim Adewumni

17. Sassparilla

18. GHC

19. Robin Flavell

20. Sanjeev Kohli

21. Summer Ray

22. Red Sky At Night

23. Twinks

24. Technically Ron

25. Sean Leahy

26. Sam Whyte

27. Richard Osman

28. Sir Michael

29. Marie Le Conte

30. Jennifer McAuliffe